Mobile corporate networks

The dazzling increase in the use of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in corporations has worried many companies, since a good parcel of them doesn’t have a security policy to these equipment. According to studies from IDC Consulting, up to 2015, more than 1,3 billion people in the world will be using mobile devices to work, representing 32% of the economically active population.

Without an adequate security policy, the use of such devices becomes a dangerous vulnerability, an open door to hacker attacks and electronic viruses. Another threat is the loss or theft of the equipment, since classified information can fall into the wrong hands. In order to solve this problem, Eldorado has developed and is launching the first national solution in MDM – Mobile Device Management, available to Android, Windows Phone and iOS (Apple) systems.

Marcelo Henrique de Souza, R&D manager at the Institute, explains that the solution has three basic functions: monitoring, protection and control of mobile devices. “Our system tells the administrator where each device is. That can be useful in case of loss or theft, or even in logistics terms, alerting the closest employee to such location. Localizing can be made by the triangulation of cell phone operators antennae, GPS or wi-fi signals”, he says.

In case of theft, the system allows the device to be blocked in distance and information be erased, avoiding its use and access to classified data – this is the protection function offered by Easy Access Device Management. “Concerning its control function, our solution allows the administrator to install and uninstall applications remotely, to block or unblock the installation of a given application, define which sites each user can access, make changes to passwords, update software versions, get a usage registry and so on”, Souza explains. Easy Access Device Management also allows content management, such as the distribution of digital content (such as sending of price listings, promotional material, presentations among others).

“Companies that haven’t yet adopted mobility applications for security reasons now can do so because the use of mobile devices in corporate environments is an irreversible tendency. Who’s already adopted it, but fear for the security of their systems can be reassured, since Easy Access Device Management is a reliable, accessible and strong platform, being marketed in device-per-device licensing”, Souza says.