With presence in the national market since 1999, Eldorado Research Institute strongly acts in the Research, Development and Innovation (R,D&I) field and presents a broad portfolio of projects in the Energy sector.

Our Expertise

Eldorado presents a broad portfolio of projects in the Energy sector, working in all stages of the technological innovation cycle, with current and future topics, such as:

  • Communication and Security Systems;
  • Operation and Dispatch Supervision Systems;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Systems;
  • Digital Security of Intelligent Electronic Devices;
  • Energy Efficiency Applied Technologies;
  • Energy Storage System;
  • Systems of Monitoring, Controlling and Managing Distributed Generation Areas;
  • Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Virtual Reality;
  • Advanced Measurement Systems.

Today, the Institute alredy has several successful projects in the area. Among them, there is a partnership with a large Southeast concessionaire for the development of an interactive platform that aims to train electricians, through an immersion in a virtual environment, in a safe and efficient way. It is also worth mentioning the project in partnership with an energy distributor for the construction of a system to support the decision of the company’s operations centers, improving the control of the power demand on the power grid. Other important projects are the automatic and noninvasive electric power consumption meters evaluator, and the Smart Grid hub, a hybrid element that provides an infrastructure for the deployment of smart grids.

In the Northeast region, Eldorado has worked in research and solution development for indoor lighting using Organic LED technologies (OLEDs), considered the next generation of lamps for domestic and commercial lighting. There is also the Headset, an integrated communication and inspection solution for maintenance crews of field distribution networks, among others.

Beyond that, Eldorado has a network of partners in the energy sector and in the academic area, that allows project development since its conception, in basic research, up to the market integration support. Finally, the Institute has a wide range of customers and working areas, that ensures interaction and accelerates the knowledge absorption of new technologies, applications and creations of market innovations.

Eldorado’s staff is highly qualified to provide quick answers to the demands of partners, specially with the presentation of prototypes and concept tests to better parameterization of functional and non-functional requirements.

Learn more about some of our skills:

Development of Embedded Systems:

  • Hardware development, including circuit design, printed circuit boards and technical documentation of projects;
  • Use of microcontrollers, microprocessors, FPGA, RF, GPS, GSM, GPRS, Modbus, IEEE 802.15.4, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mesh network, and others;
  • Software development based on the operational systems of Windows, Android and Linux, among others.

Development of Operation and Management Support System:

  • Integration with supervisory systems (Scada), human relations, marketing, field support etc.

Development of Qualification/Training Systems:

  • Experience in the application of presential and distance trainings;
  • Use of technology in education, specially with Computer Vision;
  • Application of virtual and augmented reality techniques.

Development of mobile apps and Web systems;

  • Operational management, marketing and strategic corporative apps (iOS, Android, Windows).

Development of Web portals for performance and content management:

  • BigData, BI, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Industrial design:

  • Cabinets and plastic injections solutions within the norms and standards imposed.

The Eldorado employees, along with its partners, can work in new technologies, methods and analytical tools that are focused on the Energy Efficiency improvement.

Learn more about some of our skills:

  • Energy efficiency studies in industrial and commercial units, analyzing the entire network of utilities – electricity, water and gas;
  • Analysis, evaluation and development of new technologies for energy efficiency projects;
  • Development of models, methodologies and computational tools for integrated management of industrial processes;
  • Implementation and monitoring of the impacts on energy efficiency;
  • Use of process and system optimization techniques based on artificial intelligence;
  • Development of models and technologies for consumption and costs reduction in the residential, commercial and industrial classes;
  • Development of models, methodologies and computational tools to reduce commercial losses and combat informality.

With the increase in alternative sources of primary energy, that show growing intermittency and penetration in electricity distribution networks, the knowledge of these sources and the ability of fast control is essential for the stability of the network. Eldorados’s professionals, along with its partners, can work in new technologies for alternative sources of energy and its control using analytical tools that are focused on improving the economic and financial attractiveness of the technologies involved.

Learn more about some of our skills:

  • Computational modeling of the generating units of different sources for simulation and performance analysis;
  • Development of electronic circuits embedded to support the running and operation with alternative sources;
  • Software systems for control and optimization of processes involving alternative energy sources.

Working in R&D since 1999, the Institute’s staff, along with its partners, has built knowledge in new Smart Grid technologies (sensor networks, data analysis system, Big Data, Fuzzi Logic etc.) that are focused on supporting the improvement and optimization of the electrical system.

Learn more about some of our skills:

Operational e Statistic Research:

  • Mathematic modeling, linear, nonlinear and full optimization;
  • Econometric models forecast (linear regression, autoregressive etc.);
  • Forecast and control models using neural networks;
  • Numerical simulations (Monte Carlo) and scenario generation and reduction;
  • Statistical analysis (reliability and sampling).


Smart Meetering

  • Development of sensors, hubs and other embedded systems in order to measure and act on the network;
  • Network automation – projects of remote units systems for automation of electrical networks (GSM/GPRS, Mesh, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4G);
  • Applications of processes management and optimization involving Big Data, BI, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Eldorado’s employees, along with its partners, can work in new technologies, methods and analytical tools that are focused on the development of innovative solutions for the monitoring, planning, maintenance, operative and commercial management of the electrical system, in order to improve the entire chain, from generation to distribution.

  • Learn more about some of our skills:
  • Computational modeling applied to the electricity sector;
  • Analysis of the performance of new technologies;
  • Development of models and techniques for managing power quality;
  • Pattern detection – consumption fraud analysis;
  • Development of models, methodologies and computational tools for management, energy trading, demand prediction, hydrology and logistics;
  • Development of embedded systems;

Eldorados’s professionals, along with its partners, can work in new technologies methods and analytical tools that enable more interaction, assertiveness and visibility systems.

Learn more about some of our skills:

  • Software development for embedded systems, web, virtual and augmented reality, digital and encrypted certification, and georeferencing;
  • Creation of solutions for operational automation and mobile applications;
  • Preparation of design and user experience, in which researchers are dedicated to enriching the visual aspects and usability of systems and industrial products.
  • Conduction of projects at all stages of the ANEEL innovation chain;
  • Cooperation and partnerships with universities and research centers;
  • Industrialization support of R&D projects;
  • Support of consultants with extensive knowledge of the rules and procedures of ANEEL;
  • Test Laboratory for development.