With a completely qualified internal structure, the Eldorado’s team dominates digital projects, wireless communication, embedded software development, mechanical projects, among other cutting edge technologies in the hardware area.

Our Expertise

With a completely qualified internal structure, the Eldorado’s team dominates digital projects, wireless communication, embedded software development, mechanical projects, among other cutting edge technologies in the hardware area.

Focusing on the delivery of R&D in Electronic Products and Industrial Automation, Eldorado acts as an extension of the its partners’ team capacity to find solutions for technological problems and to get new products. This co-creation is a unique way of deliver value, creating competitive advantage for partners of Eldorado, who now can count on the structure and experience of the Institute in their process of technological innovation and commercial expansion.

Our customers count on managers certified by PMI and an engineering test of international standard, as well as one of the best equipped laboratories of trials and tests in Latin America.

Adding our quality to the excellence of partners that are experts in the development of materials, devices, manufacturing processes, automation and hardware, we can expand the capacity of the team of our partners to get new products and solve technological problems. It is a new way of deliver value in research and development of electronic products, for co-creation of innovations and solutions.

Lines of action:

– Development of power systems projects;

– Technology of materials and processes in plastic alloys and elastomers;

– Industrial design;

– Electromechanical projects;

– Product Engineering;

– Systems for testing and monitoring product’s life;

– Industrial automation and commercial systems;

– EMV level 1 certified projects;

– Development of functional and compliance testing systems;

– Application of concepts and algorithms of neural and Bayesian networks;

– Preparation of the annual report of accountability

Since 2002, Eldorado has been focusing efforts on the continuous development of Microelectronics in Brazil, through training, formation of skilled labor and the consolidation of the Eldorado DH, from the execution of IC’s development projects.

The Eldorado DH currently has forty experienced professionals, all hired under the CLT, and seventeen CT1 and CT2 fellows of the program IC Brazil. The designers have experience in coding, modeling, verification and back-end, in analog, digital and mixed-signal areas.

Among the projects currently undertaken and in progress, we can highlight the following segments: Digital Communication, Digital TV, RFID, Applications in Legal Metrology, Memories and Memory Controllers, among others.

As examples of such projects, one can mention:

– Digital TV Demodulator Chip – Development of a Chip for demodulation of Digital TV ISDB-T standard, using 65nm technology. This chip is the first totally developed in Brazil for this standard and technology. He has the ability to decode One-Seg (moving) and Full-Seg (high-resolution). After the development of this IC, the next step was the development of an MCM (Multi Chip Module), which is composed of 4 dies and approximately 40 passive components, in an area of ​​15mm x 15mm and a substrate with 8 layers. Thus, the MCM has, in one packaging, digital and analog tuner, digital and analog demodulator and a PICe interface.

– Chip of RFID passive tag – Development of Chip for RFID passive tag, in the 900MHz band, compatible with the UHF standard, EPCglobal Class-1 Generation-2, in 180nm technology and CMOS standard.

DVB-S2 Chip – This development had focus on the approach of two technologies, semiconductors and Digital TV, which directly met the opportunities created by the union of these two segments and by government efforts. It consisted in the development of a solution of a multi-standard demodulator, compatible with the ISDBT and DVB-S2 standard.

Furthermore, projects of Integrated Circuits of IP and technologies tests have also been developed by the Eldorado Institute, in partnership with companies and international Design Houses.

Eldorado has experienced professionals in design (layout) of printed circuit boards for the industry in general, with a focus on rules and practices of Design for Manufacturing (DFM), in order to reduce possible failures of manufacturing and assembly.

Furthermore, the engineering team has a great expertise in developing analog/ digital (mixed-signal) systems, with the necessary skills to perform the functional and performance tests, considering the peculiarities of each part of the EBPM system (RF front-end, analog digital converters, FPGA and digital communication interfaces).

In the testing area, Eldorado has knowledge and expertise to analyze the results of functional and performance tests, investigate the cause of any manufacturing defects and suggest improvements and adaptations in the design or in the manufacturing and assembly process, aiming at the performance, robustness and reliability of the final product.

Another highlight is the experience of the engineering team in the use of Matlab software for modeling and simulation of system, in order to optimize parameters such as noise related to inputs, offsets accumulation, linearity and dynamic range, bandwidth, group delay and latency.

The group also has qualified professionals, processes and tools for automated generation of Verilog/VHDL and C/C++ codes, from mathematical models represented in Matlab (Model Driven Engineering). Use of heterogeneous platforms containing processors of FPGA, DSP, GPP and GPU type. This process ensures the fulfillment of requirements in the development of firmware and embedded software in real-time, with extensive use of digital signal processing.

Learn a little more about the Eldorado’s infrastructure in the area:

– X-ray equipment and experienced professionals for analysis of printed circuit boards with complex components and inspection of critical aspects of the manufacture and assembly of the boards. Thermal imaging camera to identify components under stress during the prototype testing and in the burn-in process;

– Laboratory equipped with semi-anechoic chamber for testing the electromagnetic emissions and immunity to radiated electromagnetic interferences, and also laboratory for testing emissions and immunity to conducted electromagnetic interferences;

– Laboratory with chambers for accelerated aging tests to identify components that can reduce the MTBF and the lifetime of tools, enabling the replacement of these components during the design review or before starting the production;

– Laboratory equipped with thermal chamber with control of temperature and humidity for testing immunity to climate variations. Trials with rapid thermal cycling and large temperature gradients can be used to analyze the reliability of the welding process of SMD components.

Eldorado has a Mechanical Engineering department with highly qualified professionals prepared to develop innovative mechanical projects, from the design to the construction supervision, passing through the creation of prototypes and theses. Security, scalability and efficiency of the production process are the cornerstones of the group, which has extensive expertise in various projects such as:

– Banking Automation – projects of ATMs and panels with plastic materials.

– Automotive Projects – product design, structural simulation, simulation of materials injection.

– Medical Equipment – development of surgical tables and equipment for mobile clinics.

The development of innovative solutions in hardware requires a constant evaluation of the projects conducted. Therefore, Eldorado has structured one of the most complete laboratories of Development Testing of the country, with infrastructure for climatic testing, mechanical testing (vibration, shock, drop), salt spray, tests applied to products and components (laptop, pendrive, memory) and ring test for notebooks.

Laboratório de Testes e Desenvolvimento

Laboratory of Development Testing

Bancada de Desenvolvimento

Workbench of the Laboratory

Câmara Climática

Climate chamber

Raio X


12 GHz 40 G samples Scope

12GHz/ 40G Samples Scope

Câmara Semi-anecóica

Semi-anechoic chamber


  • Projects in digital, analogic and mixed CIs
  • Laboratories of testing to Development
  • ABNT 16501 Certification - Guidelines to systems of management to Research, Development and Innovation (R, D&I)