The processes optimization is part of the expertise offered by Eldorado. Our team is highly qualified to identify solutions to improve business processes, manufacturing and logistics of your company.

Our Expertise

Eldorado has an experienced and highly competent team working in the development and optimization of processes, which serves national and international demands.

We operate mainly in the areas of:

  • Manufacturing and Logistics Processes;
  • Business Processes;

We provide solutions that improve the performance of manufacturing processes present in various sectors of our industry through its base competencies:

  • Production Engineering;
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Processes Modeling;
  • Engineering and Materials Science;
  • Reliability Engineering;
  • Statistics

Our engineers and analysts are able to map the manufacturing and business processes in your company in order to identify solutions and opportunities for improvement. Our expertise covers the development of solutions in that aim to:

  • Reduce the operating costs;
  • Improve the organizational capacity;
  • Reduce cycle times;
  • Plan and analyze of productive capacity;
  • Reduce the cycle time of the order-to-cash;
  • Accelerate the development of new processes;
  • Add advanced analytical capability to the ERP systems;
  • Optimize of logistics and supply chain;
  • Improve services to customers with lower costs;
  • Support to six sigma projects;
  • Support to Lean projects;
  • Engineering and Materials Science;
  • Reliability Engineering;
  • Calculate statistics.

We work identifying and implementing opportunities for improvement in the various stages of the production processes of our partners. It can be improving the reliability of a given product, redesigning manufacturing processes due to limitations of the basic inputs or improving the quality of a given process, the results speak for themselves.

  • Improvements in process conditions;
  • Evaluation and selection of inputs;
  • Improvements to the process tools;
  • Specialized training;
  • IPC-A-610;
  • IPC-7711;
  • IPC-7721.


  • Success background in all undertaken projects
  • Satisfaction score among clients above 9 in the last 24 months
  • Possibility of using the IT Law in the execution of the project
  • Possibility of using FINEP incentives to R&D to the execution of projects