From cloud computing architecture and games focusing on the end user, Eldorado offers varied solutions in corporate systems. Our team is prepared to think and develop multiplatform technologies so that your company keeps always dynamic and accessible.

Our Expertise

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Focused on mobility, engaged with the development of applications to mobile terminals in several platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, Microsoft and J2ME, Eldorado focuses on excellence, delivering valuable solutions to final users. Eldorado has the needed experience to help you with a wide knowledge in embedded systems, promoting total freedom of mobility, quality and security in the development of applications and platforms.

With the process centered in the user and following agile development methodologies, we have success cases in:

  • Mobile and embedded applications,
  • Games,
  • Integration,
  • Platforms

Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows Phone; Windows 8; Java; Objective C; Linux

Corporate Systems

Do you want to optimize the routine, reduce costs and increase your competitive edge? Eldorado is experienced in aiding its clients to grow through the development of customized corporate solutions to your business.

Eldorado’s experience in the development of agile projects has shown as an excellent ally in the development of corporate systems. We promote the integration with legacy systems, ESB, allying them to the experience in corporate system projects. We follow the process since its integration to legacy systems to the development and use configuration to several clients.

From deep understanding and mapping of its clients’ needs, going through the development of an infrastructure and interconnection through the construction and analysis of dashboards aligned to the goals to be reached to the development of the software means needed to reach them, Eldorado is what you’re looking for.

Always updated in relation to strategic technology in world scale, we offer solutions in:

  • Development and evolution of corporate systems (mobile and web)
  • Backoffice integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud computing, including design and validation of Reference Architecture and solutions to a safe migration of legacy environment to clouds.
Productive Processes

Eldorado is the ideal partner to innovate your production control systems, aiding the Factory Engineering and Quality areas in their processes of performance improvement and time, flaws and loss reduction.

We have more than ten years of experience and innovative success cases in the design of complete and tailored solutions to each situation, covering:

  • Follow-up and control systems to warehouses and assembly, verification and repair lines.
  • Centralized systems to the registry of production, flaw and repair data, everything integrated to the BackOffice.
  • Executive and managerial dashboards.
  • Tools to technical assistance and support management.

The range of solution and complicity with our clients is potentiated when we work in a synergic way, mingling Software, Processes (LINK) and Hardware (LINK) areas.

Technologies: Java, JEE, .Net, SharePoint, Data Bank

Focus on end user

If your focus is to deliver value solutions to end users, Eldorado has the suitable experience to help you. With a vast knowledge in User Experience (UX) and application and platform development, the Institute is ready to select and produce the best and newest technologies to deliver products that inspire and captivate their users.

With a process centered in the user and following UX and agile development methodologies we have success cases in:

  • Mobile and embedded applications,
  • Games,
  • Content generation and distribution.

Technologies: iOS; Android; Windows Phone; Windows 8; Linux; Java; Objective C; .Net; HTML5


Eldorado is the best partner in the development of high availability systems to IT environments, contributing to your project with our experience in the designing of innovative products in all infrastructure and software layers, being able to deliver reliable and flexible solutions in:

  • Integrated management of servers, storage and other equipment,
  • Virtualization management in all market hypervisors,
  • Management of infrastructure according to international norms,
  • Automation of deployment tasks, management and test,
  • Modernization of environments towards future platforms IaaS, PaaS and SaaS,
  • Application of cutting-edge technologies in the design of the best solution to SaaS demands in public, private and hybrid clouds.

We have innovative successful cases and are able to work in a wholly integrated way to the entire global supply chain. We employ agile methods that aim to deliver maximum value, with higher quality and lower risk, ensuring agility in the delivery.

tela principal da aplicação em execução.

tela principal da aplicação em execução.



  • Experience and innovation in software engineering
  • User-centered process
  • In the pursuit of greater agility and lower risks