Inspired by Novelty

In seeking to attract projects in new fields of action and to stimulate corporate learning, Eldorado maintains the Technological Workshops program, which involves the Institute’s collaborators in the mapping and studying technologies that can bring benefit to Eldorado itself and its partners.

The Technological Workshops aim to turn projects in new technological fields viable, as well as empower the Institute in cutting edge themes, besides preparing collaborators to analyze new technological tendencies and make choices over which of them deserve be invested in. Take a look at some of the projects impacted by the development of the Technological Workshops.

  • The building of an electric car

    The building of an electric car

    Electric car developed with support of Eldorado Institute is an international champion

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  • 65-nanometer chip

    65-nanometer chip

    Eldorado Institute is the first to develop a 65-nanometer chip in Latin America. With around 90 million transistors in a surface as small as 20 mm². the project is a landmark in Brazilian microelectronics.

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  • 4G Mobile Technology

    4G Mobile Technology

    Inmetro auditing accredits Eldorado to take new certifications in IT and Telecom products

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