4G Mobile Technology

Inmetro auditing accredits Eldorado to take new certifications in IT and Telecom products

After Inmetro auditing, Eldorado’s testing department (DTE) was accredited to undertake new testing in services of certification in LTE technologies, to 4G connection, HSPA+, RFID to transmission of data in high speed and broad bandwidth transceivers. With this accomplishment, Eldorado has the credentials to act in new technologies of data transmission via cell phones that will come to Brazil within the next few years.

“These new processes allow Eldorado to offer more testing to its clients and also attract new ones. Our testing laboratory is 100% aligned with the new technologies coming to the cell phone market, modems and broadband technology in general”, says Joaquim Carlos, test engineer and manager at LET.

4G and HSPA+ networks will be the new technology in mobile phones in the next few years. 4G will allow an Internet connection through a faster and more secure mobile technology, allowing speeds up to 100mb/s, similar to nowaday’s broadband.

In order to achieve this increase in the scope of offered services, Eldorado needed to make financial investments and also in its teams training. “Besides the acquisition of new equipment, our team spent more than four months in the study and development of methodology in test execution, names scripts”, Carlos concludes.