Once more at Guia Você S/A

Sept 10, 2013

Eldorado is once more in the Você S/A Guide 2013, among the Best Places to Work

The ranking evaluates the quality in the work environment, based on the collaborators assessment of the company and analysis of management and documentation procedures. The ranking, created by Editora Abril in partnership with the Foundation Institute of Management of University of São Paulo (FIA-USP), is considered a parameter of excellence within the corporate milieu since 1997. This year, the publication measured the performance of more than 500 companies in 16 sectors of the Brazilian market.

Jaylton Ferreira, Eldorado’s new superintendent, Marcelo Henrique e José Eduardo Bertuzzo, Systems and Products executives, Raquel Cremasco, HR manager and Malu Legaspe, from Communicaton were present tn the award ceremony, held yesterday (Sept 9), at São Paulo Room, São Paulo city.

To Jaylton Ferreira, “being once more at the ranking reinforces Eldorado’s commitment with the quality not only of products and services, but also the value given to people and work environment. We appear in increasingly competitive rankings, such as GPTW/ComputerWorld TI and Telecom e GPTW Centro-Oeste, besides the publication Você S/A Best Places to Start a Career, in which we were featured in Quality of Life, all that being a reason of pride and joy to us all and it is this way we are building an even better Eldorado”, he says.

Understand how the Você S/A-Best Place to Work ranking is done

Since last year, the final grade of companies is composed based on two indexes: Quality of Work Environment, based on the collaborators opinion and has a 70% worth and the Index of Quality in People Management, based on the company’s practices, which answers for the other 30% worth and is measured based on the answers to one questionnaire, in a document notebook that gather evidence of good practices and in the grade given by a journalist after visiting the company.

In order to get to the names that compose the list, the publication analyzed data sent by 481companies that registered. From these, 234 were selected to technical visits made by Abril team. A total of 4,7 thousand employees were listened at this stage.

At the Happiness at Work index, Eldorado’s final average grade in 2013 was 75,1, being the grade given by its employees 77,6 and the company’s practices, 69,4.

Eldorado congratulates all its collaborators for one more accomplishment!