ELDORADO is part of Programa CI-Brasil, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MCTI, whose intent is to develop an ecosystem in microelectronics, capable of putting the country in the international realm of semiconductors.

CI-Brasil was approved on June 15 of 2005 and is part of the National Program of Microelectronics – PNM Design.

Its relevance is mainly justified by the significant increase in the use of semiconductors in several sectors of the global economy, which has helped to turn the demand for Integrated Circuits (ICS) into a strategic matter for the equilibrium of the country’s trade balance and technological independence.

The program established its three main axes of action: to boost the economic activity in the field of Integrated Circuits (ICS) project, to expand the training of designers of Integrated Circuits (CIs) and to promote the creation of a national industry of semiconductors.