Recognized as one of the main RD&I centers in Brazil, we are committed to innovation and always pursue excellence in our projects.

In operation since 1999, ELDORADO is currently celebrating 19 years of existence as one of Brazil’s major RD&I centers, which has been historically devoted to IT & Telecom. The Institute has a client portfolio that aggregates major national and international enterprises, and it operates in four units – Brasília, Campinas, Porto Alegre and Manaus. Furthermore, over these years, ELDORADO has been a recurrent presence in national recognition rankings, which highlights the best companies to work in the whole country, such as the ones published by Guia Você S/A and GPTW.

Over the years, the Institute has been undertaking the necessary efforts to diversify its portfolio, targeting Agribusiness, Mining, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Automotive, among others markets. As a result, it already has success cases and an extensive know-how in emerging technologies, such as IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Virtual Reality, among others, and has been capable of expanding its business branches.

ELDORADO constantly invests in its technological infrastructure and one of its main highlights is the laboratory complex, which has more than 3.000 m2 and has in it the most recent and innovative resources of this field. Therefore, the Institute seeks to fill the role of a technological inducer, providing state of art infrastructure, while forming and training human resources in the real and effective exercise of developing innovative products with agility.
Currently, the organization also has a facility to host start-ups. Relying on an innovative concept of technological acceleration, the Institute provides a favorable and innovative environment for the development of Start-ups, since it provides the whole infrastructure and consulting services needed for the transformation of subjects and ideas into businesses. Furthermore, ELDORADO is also the headquarters of the only Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in the state of São Paulo.

A reference in Brazil, ELDORADO is permanently committed to achieving better results, to grow, to invest in innovation and to stand out for its excellence.

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Eldorado Values


Be the reference for new information and communication technologies and microelectronics.


Research and develop innovative, comprehensive, competitive and impactful solutions to society.


Incentive Laws

We are qualified to assume the integrated management of Research, Development and Innovation projects under the Informatics Law and the Good Law, in line with the strategy of partner companies, having as a focus the contextualization and the accuracy of the information provided. The Institute is constituted as a Civil Society Organization for Public Interest (OSCIP) under the Law 9.790.

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