ELDORADO Research Institute – EMBRAPII Unit

In April 2016, the ELDORADO Research Institute was accredited as a unit of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII), fit to develop projects of industrial innovation in two sectors: Internet Equipment and Mobile Computing.

The Institute’ selection was the consequence of a selective process which began in August 2015, which received 57 applicants, from which 7 new units were chosen. EMBRAPII will invest 100 million in these new accredited units, with R$ 18.7 million being harbored in ELDORADO, split throughout a six-year period, for the development of innovative projects in partnership with the industry.

The Eldorado EMBRAPII Unit (EU) is subject to the Oversight of the Institute and is under the coordination its own Executive Management of Products, who is responsible for the development of new products through innovative solutions capable of assisting the spread and deployment of advanced technologies in the fields of automotive electronics, digital networks for mobile communication, digital signal processing, electronic converters and advanced systems of control and test.

EU has, at its disposal, the full-fledged lab infrastructure of ELDORADO Institute, as well as the expertise of its development team. Furthermore, the unit also encompasses fields dedicated to the support of projects to be conducted, like, for instance, Quality, Project Management Office (PMO) and Research and Innovation.

The EU operation is supported by the current methodology and activities of the Executive Management of Research & Innovation, ensuring the adherence to the recommendations of the NBR 16501, in tune with the model presented in the EMBRAPII system for operational excellence. A specific set of indicators will be selected for the EMBRAPII unit, allowing the generation of performance stats and the program’s success.

Fields of Expertise: Devices for Internet and Mobile Computing

Devices for Internet and Mobile Computing is a field of expertise of the ELDORADO EMBRAPII unit, which involves the development of embedded hardware and software for computers, laptops, tablets, concentrators, mobile devices and specific forms of hardware, and equipment to support mobile computing to improve the performance of mobile internet. The goal is to meet the demand of the industry for electronic devices for mobile computing, promoting an enhanced performance and a proper suitability to the market and a higher degree of competitiveness.

The application and service system on Internet and Mobile Computing of this EU is focused on the Industrial Sector of Consumer Electronics. Furthermore, the unit also has the intent to develop innovative system and equipment which may be able to magnify the advantages of these technologies in people’s lives, for the rational use of natural resources and for an improvement of productivity indicators.

The choice of Equipment and Devices as a field of expertise which supports Internet and Mobile Computing for the accreditation of ELDORADO as an EMBRAPII unit is something justified not only by the expansion of the use of the technology of mobile internet, which still has a lot of room to spread itself worldwide and, particularly, in Brazil in the coming years (until 2025 at least), but also by the extensive potential of the disruptive innovations that are forecasted.

The swift and enthusiastic adoption of this technology has shown that the infrastructure which supports its usage has still a lot of room to grow, evolve, improve and innovate. As we speak, more than 1 billion people worldwide have already used this technology. In Brazil, this number has already reached the 50 million hallmark approximately, and it may grow two or three times that number over the next 5 or 10 years, according to data from innovation-related consulting agencies, IDC, MacKinsey and Gartner.

In this regard, the ELDORADO Research Institute has been in a top-tier position, not only due to its domain of the integrated development of electronic devices, but also due to the design of microelectronics, hence combining together two essential assets for this segment’s technologic evolution.

Therefore, with the introduction of the 4G and 5G technologies, an increase of data transmission rates and a cost reduction for these networking operations, the use and the adoption of this computing technology and mobile internet will have a staggering growth.

Lines of operation in the field of expertise

Underlines Mobile Computing Devices: it develops activities of System Design, Mechanical Design, Industrial Design and usability, Thermal Design, Hardware Design, Software Design and Integration, Power Management Design, EMC, DFT/DFM, System Debug &Validation, ProductQualification, in addition to IC Design activities.

Underlines Supporting Equipment to Connectivity and Network: it develops activities of features of the air layer, such as signal encoding and equalization; protocols and mechanisms of access control and architectures such as Mesh, Zigbee and 6loWPan; algorithms and control systems for connection and routing; development of gateways and internet connectivity modules.

Governance Structure of the EMBRAPII ELDORADO Unit

The EU comprises workers from different areas of knowledge and with several skills, both technically and administratively.

The technical staff has, approximately, 151 professionals from the fields of Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Engineering Physics, Physics, Materials Engineering, Design, Systems Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Test Engineering.

Among these, 15 hold leadership roles, 88 are analysts, engineers and consultants, 27 are lab technicians and 21 have assistance and supporting roles. Still on the technical staff, approximately 30% of the collaborators are postgraduate professionals (doctorates, master’s degree holders and experts), with an educational experience of more than 20 years and with a strong action in projects related to the aforementioned field of expertise.

In order to address the unit’s operational matters, areas regarded as strategic for the development of the projects involved in EMBRAPII contracts were structured, targeting General Coordination, Contact Channel EU-EMBRAPII, Business Development, Product Development, Project Office (PMO), Administrative and Financial Management and Legal Advice.


EMBRAPII is a non-profit private institution qualified as Social Organization by the Federal Government since September 2013.

Its institutional activities are geared towards goals designated in the Management Contract, established with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ministry of Education (MEC) – federal official bodies which equally share the responsibility for its financing.

EMBRAPII’s action is materialized through the cooperation with scientific research and technologic institutions, public or private, having business demands as its focus and, as a target, the risk sharing in the pre-competition stage of innovation. Through the risk sharing of projects with companies, the intention is to prompt the industrial sector to attain higher levels of innovation and with a higher technologic intensity, thus maximizing the competitive strength of the corporations, both in the domestic and international markets.

Therefore, its mission is to contribute to the development of innovation in the Brazilian industry through the strengthening of the collaboration with research institutes and universities, in addition to being acknowledged as an innovative institution for the promotion of Research & Development (R&D) for the Brazilian industry based on agility, efficiency and quality.