Our Expertise

Our professional staff is highly qualified and is keen on providing technological innovation to the field of electrical energy throughout all the stages of the innovation chain, from the generation to the distribution, with systems of communication and safety, supervision of operation and dispatch, measurement, monitoring, control and management of operation, digital protection of smart electronic devices, technologies applied to energy efficiency and computational vision, image analysis and processing, virtual and augmented reality, data extraction and analysis and machine learning.

Immersive Virtual Training

We develop digital platforms for an immersive visual training capable of supporting the capacitation of in-field professionals, resulting in services with a higher degree of quality, conducted in shorter periods of time and with more safety. Unlike traditional trading, with expositive lessons, this technology may be helpful to harbor the knowledge more effectively.

Biometrics Safety Monitoring

We have expertise in biometric sensors in order to monitor the use of safety equipment, carried by their operators, while performing field activities. Technology is helpful to avoid having the EPIs/EPCs forgotten or evean wrongfully used.

Device for remote communication and virtual presence

In field services, it is common to have the involvement of professionals of several plateaus of knowledge. We create devices that help collaborators in the resolution of complex problems, even if they are geographically distant.

Drivability Conditions

We have the know-how to develop telemetry solutions for drivers of the power sector, by mixing information gathered from different sources and smart reports on the data collected, aiming to ensure traffic safety and an effective use of the fleet.

Field Team Management

We develop intelligent systems with continuous availability updating for fields teams in order to optimize the service provided to the countless proceeding and emergency calls, relying on computational tools capable of supporting and choosing the direction of the teams, hence optimizing the handling time and the indicators of continuity.

Virtual Fence/Asset Security

We create a smart system that fosters the monitoring and automatic vigilance in restricted areas, such as plants, substations and service routes of transmission lines. This solution is something that takes into account the capturing of images, videos and concepts of machine learning, hence being capable of preventing the access of non-authorized people.

Image Analysis

We produce intelligent systems for the collection and analysis of large amounts of data for the identification of procedural mistakes recorded on video, in an optimized way, since the monitoring of field activities is commonly used by several concessionaries of electrical power.

Monitoring of Environmental Traits in Plants

The monitoring of critical areas of hydroelectric plants – dam, powerhouse, control room and substation – is visual, carried out by technical teams, abiding by predetermined periods of time. We develop intelligent systems, gathering concepts of machine learning, for the continuous monitoring of these fields, by automatically collecting samples, images, data supervision and alarms.

Support and Maintenance of Power Plants

We develop sensors and systems for the optimization of the maintenance process of the equipment of hydroelectric plants (UHEs and PCHs) based on data intelligence, remote communication, real-time monitoring and methodologies, employing concepts of machine learning and data extraction/analysis. We have systems to establish communication inside and outside of galleries between maintenance teams, encompassing compound digital technologies (based on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DECT 6.0) and bidirectional and hands-free voice communication endpoints, able to support maintenance activities in ducts, galleries and turbines of hydroelectric plants.

Automation of relationship and communication channels with the consumer

We have proper expertise in computational systems, encompassing techniques of artificial intelligence and mobile apps, deployed for the gathering, analysis and the automatic and proactive sending of information to consumers. This solution fosters the ongoing assessment of the level of relationship and satisfaction of consumers, aiming to magnify the service’s quality and productivity, and reducing the costs with customer service or Call Center.

Competitive Advantages

Our differentials in the field of energy are the conduction of projects in every stage of the innovation chain of ANEEL, the cooperation and partnerships with universities and research centers, the support to the industrialization of R&D projects, the support of consultants with a broad knowledge of standards and procedures of ANEEL, and prototyping labs and development-related tests.


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