Our Expertise

We are qualified to assume the integrated management of Research, Development and Innovation projects under the Informatics Law and the Good Law, in line with the strategy of partner companies, having as a focus the contextualization and the accuracy of the information provided. The Institute also constitutes itself as a Civil Society Organization for Public Interest (OSCIP) under the law 9.790.

Informatics Law

We are an Institute recognized by the Committee of the Area of Information Technology (CATI), allowed to be funded and develop projects under the Informatics Law, being also fully qualified to address the demand of Research and Development (R&D) of partners in different segments.
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In April 2016, the ELDORADO Research Institute was accredited as a unit of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII), qualified to develop industrial innovation projects in two fields: Internet Equipment and Mobile Computing.
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We have a broad experience in R,D&I projects and we develop projects that abide by the requirements of the National Electrical System Operator (ANEEL) and are in conformity with the Standard NBR ABNT 16501:2011, only in the Campinas unit, (Scope: Research, Development and Innovation for software, hardware, processes and education).
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Good Law

We provide assistance to our projects when carrying projects under the Good Law, which anticipates tax incentives to companies that develop research and development related to technologic innovation, whether that happens to be related to the manufacturing process and/or aggregation of new functionalities, or to product design.
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Law 8010

ELDORADO is properly accredited to be granted with benefits under this Law, taking into account the comprehensiveness of the Institute in several segments of Information and Communication Technologies, according to the terms laid down in Law 8010/99.
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ELDORADO constitutes itself as a Civil Society Organization for Public Interest (OSCIP) under the law 9.790, of November 2001.
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ELDORADO is part of the Brazilian System of Technology (Sibratec), operated by the Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (Finep), whose intent is to support the technological development of Brazilian companies.
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ELDORADO carries out projects within the Program to Support the Technological Development of the Semiconductor Industry (PADIS), whose intent is to foster Research and Development, and the production of microelectronic goods.
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ELDORADO is part of the CI-Brasil Program, of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), whose goal is to develop an ecosystem in microelectronics capable of putting the country at the international forefront of semiconductors.
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We have professionals with a background in the academic and business realms, who also detain a broad experience in R, D&I projects. We are recognized by CATI to receive resources and develop projects under the Law of Informatics. Furthermore, we assist in the elaboration and/or review of documents and annual accountability reports, and in the execution of projects in the framework of the Good Law.


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