Law of Informatics – 11.077/04, 10.176/01 e 8248/94

Acknowledged by the Committee of the Field of Information Technology – CATI, an official body of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MCTI, which accredits the Research and Development Institutions to receive resources from the Law of Informatics, the Eldorado Research Institute is capable of gathering, using and carrying out an integrated management of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects. In addition to the projects developed through the Law of Informatics, Eldorado develops projects based on the Good Law, Programa CI-Brasil, PADIS and the Brazilian Technology System – Sibratec, programs that contribute to the technological development of Brazilian corporations.

The Law of Informatics was accountable for the consolidation of the ELDORADO Institute on the national realm, in what concerns R&D, taking into account its labs and developed projects. With a portfolio of national and multinational customers from several different segments, such as telecommunications, informatics, financial sector, government, health, energy, among others, the ELDORADO has the intent to expand its client portfolio, using its expertise and skill. Its collaborators are experienced professionals, who act as a bond between the entrepreneurial and the academic world, opening room for an environment that is the most adequate and targeted for the technological creation and innovation and, this way, fortifying ELDORADO’S leading position among the institutions that use the resources of the Law of Informatics, offering solutions and products to its partners and, as a consequence, strengthening the R&D market in the country.

Using contemporary tools in the management of its own projects, something justified even by their high level of complexity, ELDORADO also offers consulting services to corporations that wish to benefit from the incentives of the Law of Informatics.

The chart below shows how the R&D resources of the Law of Informatics should be applied and where and when the ELDORADO can use them, both as an executor or as a manager:

The beneficiary companies should invest 4% of their annual revenue from the products boosted by the R&D&I, according to the chart’s distribution.

With its experience in the capture and use of such incentives, ELDORADO offers consulting and project management for companies of several sectors, in order to:

– Outline and track the PPB pleading (Basic Productive Process)

– Outline, analyze and follow R&D projects which can be included under the umbrella of the Law of Informatics and tied to the partner’s strategy

– Ascertain the R&D obligations due to the revenue of the promoted products

– Outline and/or review the documents and the annual accountability report, owed to the respective funding official bodies.