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13 de Outubro de 2022

Technology partnership improves projects in the health area

Instituto Eldorado

Instituto Eldorado


Technological evolution has been boosting medical advances, providing more efficiency, agility and accuracy for the benefit of patients. New technologies contribute at all stages, from prevention, prediction and diagnosis through to treatment, thus opening the way for improvements in the health of the population and increasingly more assertive care.

Accordingly, ELDORADO focuses on finding opportunities, primarily in certifications and development of medical devices, as a result of its expertise in various knowledge areas, such as machine learning, microelectronics, visual computing, blockchain, IoT, virtual and augmented reality.

Regarding medical devices, the key challenges comprise documentation and management of requirements. And to overcome these adversities, the Institute invested in a new ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool.

New system

The partner selected was Matrix Requirements, a platform specialized in systems, tests and QMS (Quality Management System) for the medical area and aimed to optimize governance processes. It covers the entire life cycle of the product, from software planning, management and development to delivery and maintenance.

The various benefits of the tool include versatility and the provision of mechanisms that contribute to improving efficiency and quality of documentation and tests. In this way, the generation of custom reports makes it easy to track project execution and the test status overview dashboard enhances agility and usability.

Currently, the key features used by ELDORADO include: association between requirements and tests, signaling of changes, data access through word search, quick filtering of items, dashboards for quick overview of test statuses, generation of custom reports and integration with the tool used in issue control.

Greater added value for customers

As a result of system implementation, the Institute’s processes became more agile and robust, with a direct reflect on the quality and reliability of deliveries to customers.

Therefore, the improvements obtained from the use of Matrix Requirements represented an addition to the technological know-how and background of ELDORADO, which is thus the ideal partner for medical equipment development projects.

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