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The new technologies of Industry 4.0, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, bring many opportunities to connect, automate and make the production process smarter and more agile.

Global companies want to increase productivity, reduce costs, achieve more effective decision-making process, find in technological innovation subsidies for growth, digitalization and increased operational efficiency.

With high-performance connectivity, reliability, rapid scale gains and expansion of the culture of innovation, it is possible to achieve that goals and overcome the most diverse challenges. Whether to optimize steps or reduce costs, there is no question that digital transformation has arrived to revolutionize all sectors of Brazilian industry.
ELDORADO has one of the largest lab infrastructures in the country, developing tailor-made solutions for projects with state-of-the-art connectivity (5G/Open-RAN); data integration between platforms, systems, flows and users to expand the generation of insights and promote decision support; inspection by images; simulated immersion and Digital Twin. In addition, ELDORADO promotes the hyper-automation of business processes, generating more operational efficiency for its partners.

Acting as a strategic business partner, ELDORADO can also support the concept and design of products with Design Thinking consultancies, ensuring the best direction of R&D resources.

Expedite the day to day of your operation with the most advanced technologies available on the market and ensure the continuous growth of your business. Get in touch with ELDORADO.

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