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Skill to answer questions about Covid-19. The ELDORADO Research Institute created an Alexa skill to answer questions about the New Coronavirus. Created from data from Albert Einstein Hospital and the Ministry of Health, the skill allows users to chat with the assistant on devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot or Smart TVs, smart speakers and headphones with Alexa. 

In the skill developed in Portuguese, there are a series of actions and questions that the user can ask, such as the nearest service station, the possibility of transmitting the disease to pets and even a self-test with basic questions that suggest the possibility of the person have contracted Covid-19. 

Check the list with other questions and commands that a person can do to Alexa: 

– Alexa, how do I know if I got Covid-19? 

– Alexa, how do I know if I have coronavirus? 

– Alexa, I think I got coronavirus. 

– Alexa, I may have been infected with Covid-19. 

– Alexa, open the coronavirus self-test (battery of questions about a possible infection by the user). 

– Alexa, open coronavirus questions (battery of questions about the disease).

– Alexa, open questions about coronavirus in domestic animals. 

– Alexa, open SUS Service. 

– Alexa, what is the nearest health center? 

– Alexa, which is the nearest public hospital? 

Alexa can be used by anyone with the application on a smartphone, on the Amazon Echo line or on other compatible smart devices, such as speakers and TVs with the integrated application. To use it, go to:

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