Brasília - DF - Instituto Eldorado

Brasília – DF

Located in the political center of the country, the Brasília unit was founded in May 2010. Today, it brings together about 100 employees who are dedicated to helping to promote development and contribute to the growth of the city. This branch was opened in order to work on incentive and non-incentive R&D projects within the NNECO region (North, Northeast and Midwest). In 10 years of operation, it also has several applied projects, mainly in the areas of ICT, energy, auto, government, education, health and agriculture. Its most representative technologies are Web, Mobile, UX / UI, IoT, Blockchain, IA, Analytics and product development, including Micro-electronics, Hardware, Firmware. 

Edifício Parque Cidade Corporate, Torre C, sala 503, Setor Comercial Sul – SCS, Quadra 9 – Asa Sul

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